Web Developer Portland, Oregon USA

Who I Work With

I work with small to large businesses, individuals, non-profits and everyone in-between.

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a website is knowing where to start and who to trust.

If you are unsure how to move forward, I can help.

If you are a designer, web agency, large business, or someone who knows exactly what you need, I can deliver on schedule, within budget, and without bugs.

Even if you are unsure if I might be a good fit for your project, send me an email. If I end up not being what you need I am still always happy to help and point in the right direction if I can.

What I offer

There isn't always a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to websites.

I can work with you to determine exactly what you need and whether or not it fits into your budget.

I have been building websites since I was a teenager, and professionally since 2008. I have worked with all types of clients and have found that what every client needs is someone who will listen to their needs and be honest with them about what is possible given their budget and how to achieve those goals and get results.

I offer a trustworthy perspective, years of experience, quality and efficiency, and overall, respect.

High Quality Code

Version Control

If you are ready to talk, please be specific about what your needs are and as transparent as you can be about your budget.
I look forward to hearing from you!


I had the idea of what I wanted in my new website. But when I sat down with James he opened the door to so many possibilities and started to add his own touch to every aspect of the site. I have to say it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. My new website is exactly what I was looking for and more. He has always been there when I needed him and has helped me showcase my work the way I always imagined it to be seen.

Patrick Eggert, www.patrickeggert.com

Hiring James to help with our website redesign was hands down a smarter move than we ever imagined. James is a consummate professional, entirely committed to delivering a successful project on time and within budget. He works quickly and efficiently, communicates clearly and blends in with your team. He has a knack for making complex things simple and solving problems with a minimum of fuss and ego.

James stands out as one of the very best IT contractors I’ve ever hired or encountered.

Jim Fitzgerald, formerly of www.exterro.com